WHEELER: “it’s been a good day all round.”


Gillingham Ladies manager Jack Wheeler spoke to the media to give his views on Gills progression to the Kent FA Women’s Cup final, after a 3-0 win over Herne Bay Ladies;

Wheeler on… the win: “A lot of positives for us, the transition of us putting the ball down the line and obviously playing in a lot more, I’m really pleased with the passages of play we were managing to get out. We created a lot more chances today, it’s good practice for us for in the league and for Plymouth next week. And obviously, we managed to get through to another cup final! It’ll be an all Gills cup final which is an extra positive for us as well, so it’s been a good day all round.”

Wheeler on… the goals scored: “The game was scrappy today. Really scrappy. There were a lot of tackles, they obviously came here today and tried to upset the rhythm which is fine, some teams will come and try to do that. If you look at it from a possession point of view, we could have done with being a bit more clinical, especially in the first half, there were one or two clear-cut chances that we didn’t take which hopefully we’ll be able to rectify for next week. We could have had maybe one or two extra, but not that many more to be honest. It was a competitive game between both teams, so a good semi-final.”

Wheeler on… room for improvement: “Looking at it from a statistical point of view, we’ve won two on the trot, keeping a clean sheet and two or three goals. We’ve not conceded, and we’ve scored a lot of our goals early on, so it bodes well in terms of moving forwards in the league. We just need to make sure we keep repeating what we’re doing. The girls have had a good bit of Christmas training and they’ve come back into it this year looking nice and fresh, and ready to go. It’s a big positive for the girls to get a win, get through to a cup final, so it sets us up well for the second half of the season.”

Wheeler on… Former Gills’ Lauren Williams return: “I don’t like to comment too much about a player who’s not part of our team, but I’ve got a lot of time for Loz, she’s a really nice girl and she played really well. Her passing, her ball retention was really good and she got around the pitch nicely as well. I’ve known Loz for many years and I was just really happy to see her, back to playing and enjoying herself, with a smile on her face.”

Wheeler on… the all Gillingham final: “There’s always going to be friendly rivalry, but at the end of the day we know that cup is going to be a Gills one, it’ll be coming back to Priestfield, so that’s the biggest and most important thing. Obviously there’ll be a bit of banter between me and Richard, George and Darren and everyone else, but it is what it is. There’s going to be a no-pressure situation. We train together, we’re not one of those teams where the first team train at a different venue, we all train together, so it’ll be a nice evening to be honest, I’m quite looking forward to it.”


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