WHEELER: “When we put our minds to games we can compete with anyone in this league”


Following Sunday’s dramatic 2-2 draw with Loughborough Foxes, Gillingham Ladies manager Jack Wheeler spoke to the media, to give his views on the game at The Gallagher Stadium.

Wheeler on… Comeback: “There’s a lot of positives, we did really well today and we are pleased with the girls performance and the way in which they conducted themselves. We took the game to Loughborough and it worked really well. In the terms of the positives we get out of the game we are really pleased with the dedication and commitment and everything else that goes with a solid team performance. The whole team played well today and yes if we had a little bit more focus we may not have conceded the two goals we did, but it is what it is, that’s football. But sit and look at it to come away with a point is probably a fair result. In the second half i think we were the better team, they’ll say they shaded it in the first half and we will say we shaded it in the second. In all, pleased all round.”

Wheeler on… Loughborough FA Cup next: “Without giving too much away, there is lots of areas in which we think we can impose a game plan for next week, the FA Cup is really important as it is a way of generating a bit of extra revenue for the club, which goes a long way in trying to cover our costs and an our ends. So we will take that with exactly to the same professionalism and attitude as this week when we go and play them. There is defiantly areas from today, they [Loughborough] we probably have one or two things up their sleeve, as much as we will have some things up our sleeve, it’s just another game. There’s areas we will improve upon, set pieces will probably be one of them, we will look at our training this week and go from there.”

Wheeler on… Positivity: “We never turn up to any game with any preconcieved ideas, you have certain game plans for certain teams, everybody knows everybody in this league. It was a bit of an unknown for us today as we have never played Loughborough, but it was both ways, we didn’t know about them and they didn’t know about us. We both learnt from today, we also learnt a bit about us and when we put our minds to games we can compete with anyone in this league. We need to make sure we do that week in week out, the bar has been set and we go on from there.”


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