Wheeler: “See those smiles on the faces we’ve seen outside today, lifting the league title. It’s been a long old season and they thoroughly deserve it”


After lifting the FA Women’s Premier League Division One title on Sunday afternoon, Gillingham Ladies manager Jack Wheeler spoke to the press of his delight at finally securing the trophy.

Wheeler on… Lifting the League Title: “I’m over the moon, it’s been a long 18 months, it was the target I set myself when I first come in to accomplish. I’m very pleased of the girls today, it’s been a long hard committed season from everyone across the board. How do I put it into words? It’s almost a relief for the whole team. The whole team is on the same ship and we’ve been pushing it in the same direction, so to finally get to your destination, it’s one of those we can now relax and enjoy what we’ve accomplished.”

Wheeler on… An emphatic win to secure the crowning: “Our team is full of people that are going to pick up goals all the time, to win 13-0 Norwich didn’t really bring much with them to be brutally honest. You can only beat the team that’s in front of you. I know the girls are looking forward to playing at a higher level against better teams and better players next season.”

Wheeler on… Remaining fixtures: “It’s not all about the fact of us trying to remain unbeaten, it’s about the principals of performing, obviously Cambridge and AFC Wimbledon are two of the teams in the top four so their going to want to come and upset the ranks and continue standing in that direction. If we perform well, and I’ve said it all season, if we are on point and we perform well then in this league no one will be able to touch us. It’s a testament as we haven’t yet lost a game this season so far in this division.”

Wheeler on… title as his greatest achievement: “100% …. as a manager. But I’m more proud of the girls and the team. That’s what I do it for. I don’t do it for any accolades for myself. It’s such a good bode and team morale, within this group of players that its not become a job but a love and an obsession to get where we want to get too. I can’t really class this as work. I do this so the girls can progress and see those smiles on the faces we’ve seen outside today lifting the league title. It’s been a long old season and they thoroughly deserve it”


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