WHEELER: “Our reactions as well our passages of play were excellent today”


Following a fantastic 6-0 victory over Enfield on Sunday, Jack Wheeler spoke to our reporters about the game at K sports.

Wheeler on… The performance: “Really happy with the performance, we done really well in terms of our transition periods today, our reactions as well our passages of play were excellent today, our performance was spot on and as a manager i’m really chuffed, another 3 points on the table and the goal difference is looking healthy”

Wheeler on… Being quick out of the blocks: “Last week we were a bit slow to come out the blocks, but that wasn’t our fault that was more to do with ref being late, it unsettled us and we had to regroup at half time. We got in even earlier that what we normally do to make sure everything was ready to go”

Wheeler on… Another convincing win: “Really pleased but it’s just another 3 points so we just have to keep going league game after league game”

Wheeler on… Being one point away from top spot: “Really pleased but we just take it one game at a time and look forward to Lowestoft next week”

Wheeler on… The next two away games: “These next two games are always going to be tough because they are in a bit of a dog fight to stay in the league but there aren’t many teams that will be able to stand in our way when we are on our game”


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