Vanisha Patel vs Enfield 2.jpg

Following a fantastic 6-0 victory over Enfield on Sunday, Vanisha Patel spoke to our reporters about the game at K sports. 

Patel on… The performance: “It was such a good team performance, we all said to each other at the end of the game that we all worked so hard for each other, we supported one another and we rotated well, everything we did was for one another and I feel that reflected in our performance today”

Patel on… Yet another clean sheet: “It’s really pleasing for a defender, we all set our targets before the game and that was the very first one, no defender goes out there to let in goals.”

Patel on… Gaining another three points on the league leaders: “Every time we look at the league and the fixtures all we say is that we have to get the three points, it doesn’t matter that we’ve got two games in hand, we have to go out there and get the points. That’s a mutual goal within the dressing room, everyone wants the same thing which is really important”

Patel on… The next two away games: “We take every game as they come, last week we had to win a bit ugly but this week we’ve gone out there and shown what we can do, we played great football today and there were times where Enfield just couldn’t get near us”



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