MANNING: “We want to keep going”


Following a fantastic 10-1 victory over Luton Town on Sunday, Ellie Manning spoke to our reporters about the game and what it is like to finally be playing at home after three months away from K sports.

Manning on… The performance: “We played really well, last time we played Luton we dropped a few points so it felt like we had to come back and prove a point and we certainly did by winning 10-1. I thought we played really well as a team, and it was a very good game”

Manning on… Fliss Gibbons performance: “She’s a great player and played really well today, she manages to get a few goals every week but was excellent today, some great finishes. There was a few comments from some of the girls that she was just scoring with her left foot but she managed to get one with her right so im really happy for her with that one”


Manning on… Playing at home again: “Really good to be back at home, we got a good turnout from the crowd, which is always good to hear. Playing on our home pitch is much better for us because of the style of football we play, which we use as an advantage”

Manning on… Cat Cooper re-joining the Gills: “I’ve never played with Cat before but I’ve seen her play previously, she is a great player and she is a nice person to have on the team because she has a great personality and fits it perfectly with the rest of the girls”

Manning on… Norwich: “More of the same hopefully, 10-1 again would be nice. We just want to keep going, picking up wins and making our way up the table to hopefully getting promotion”


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