Gills Ladies Strengthening Mindset

Gillingham Ladies are pleased to welcome Kirsty Dowle to the club. Kirsty has been invited to assist the ladies team with team sport psychology sessions in order to enhance their development.

Kirsty will be providing the first team with a number of workshops as well as one-on-one consultations, covering topics from communication, improving self-efficacy, goal setting and much more.

Kirsty joins the club with a fantastic amount of experience, having completed an undergraduate degree in sport science and a postgraduate degree in sport psychology.

Speaking about her role, Kirsty explained: “My involvement at Gillingham is to help the ladies with their mental side of the game. I think a lot of time and effort is spent improving the physical side of football players that often the mental side of things gets underestimated.”

“I will be conducting interactive workshops on various topics or talking to a player in a one on one session so we can go in-depth about how they use mental skills.”

“I have expressed to the team that they are free to have a chat with me whenever they want to. Whether that be someone pulling me aside and asking for one on one sessions to deal with an issue of their game they think they have or a more general chat when I am about at the club.”

With the psychological side of football gaining more investment both in the men’s and women’s game, Kirsty is positive the work can assist the team’s performances.

“Hopefully the workshops will help the team as whole in terms of increasing their awareness of firstly what mental skills are and secondly how they can use these to their advantage; whether that be in training, a game, or general situations in life.”

“Ideally I would like everyone to feel that they are benefiting in terms of improving their psychological aspect of their game. The overall aim is that improving holistically as a player the performance of the team will collectively be enhanced.”

Kirsty revealed she is delighted to help out her local team and is impressed with their vision going forward.

“Gillingham Ladies is a fairly local club to me and it’s great to be able to offer something to the club that they otherwise might not get. Most of all I like the approach Jack, the manager, has with the club. He has a laid back attitude, as well as clearly having great visions for the team! With Jack being laid back it gives me near enough free reign to work with the girls how I want to, which is great. I like the direction Jack is taking the team in and to be involved in that is rewarding.”

Kirsty has already completed a session with the team and says she is impressed by the team spirit at the club.

“I was predictably nervous before my first workshop with the girls but within five minutes I was feeling relaxed, having a laugh and feeling part of the team. I think that after spending more time at the club that relationship will can only become more cemented. The girls were very interactive in the session and it’s nice to see. The more they put in the more that will get out of it and be able to enhance themselves.”

“My first overwhelming thought about the team was how close and together they seem, sometimes in football that is hard to find, but on first impressions it seems that is not the case with Gillingham. They have no qualms about working hard together and hopefully together they can reap the rewards.”


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