Gillingham Ladies and the Kent Girls and Ladies League are proud to join forces once more for the 2015/16 season.


After a hugely successful summer for the women and girls game, spearheaded by The Lionesses bronze medal in the Women’s World Cup, back in Kent the hard work continues to develop, grow and promote this part of the beautiful game.

NIK_8796Kent’s highest placed women’s team are linking up with the only Girls and Ladies League in the county to offer its clubs a unique opportunity to be match day mascots in the FA Women’s Premier League.

Gillingham Ladies match day mascots will be selected from the Kent Girls and Ladies League and given a day to remember by the football club.

Starting with a behind the scenes tour and meet and greet with the first team squad in their dressing room, mascots will be invited to watch Gillingham Ladies warm up in preparation for their fixture and walk out with the team to perform the pre-match Respect handshake. Mascots will also perform ball girl duties, close up and involved with all the action on the pitch!

After the game, Gillingham Ladies mascots will each be rewarded with some goodies from the first team as a thank you for their help and support.

NIK_8814All affiliated clubs within the Kent Girls and Ladies League are invited to apply to be Gillingham Ladies mascots.

To apply to bring your team to Chatham Town FC to be Gills Ladies mascots simply email with your top three choices of games based on availability and:

  • Your club name
  • Squad age group
  • Why your football club would like to be Gillingham Ladies mascot for the day (maximum 500 words)

First team Manager Jack Wheeler proudly welcomes the news of further development between the club and the Kent Girls and Ladies League.

“I’m well aware of the close relationship we have with the Kent Girls and Ladies League and I think it’s a really good idea to offer this chance to teams across the county. The Kent Girls and Ladies League is one of the best across the whole football landscape in Kent and they’ve won several awards to prove so! To be able to work with them is great for us.”

“Our players love welcoming mascots and all young fans to our game. They understand their responsibility as role models to promote the game and they do a great job, enjoying every minute.”

Wheeler added, “From a coaches’ perspective I don’t think there is a better reward or day out to give a young team than to come down and enjoy this kind of match day experience. Not only do the young players interact with the senior team but they get a glimpse into how the women’s game works; from the intensity of the pre-match warm up, the competitive nature FA WPL football and other elements which should hopefully inspire them as individuals and a group for the future.”

“We hope this is something that will appeal to clubs across Kent. Mascots and their families will certainly be given a warm welcome and it is a great, friendly atmosphere on a match day and it would be really rewarding to see more people enjoy it.”

NIK_8758Kent Girls and Ladies League Chairman Leigh Willis revealed his delight at the scheme to help boost participation in conjunction with Gills Ladies.

“Gillingham Ladies approached us to see whether the League would be interested in extending our partnership further and we were delighted to. This is a really special opportunity for our clubs. Gills Ladies play the highest standard of football in Kent so to be able to be a part of the match day itself and experience what it’s like is something we want to encourage clubs to go for.”

“We received great feedback from a number of clubs last season that spent the day at Gills Ladies. The club clearly works hard at accommodating mascots and providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for them, so we are so pleased we can offer the chance exclusively to our affiliated clubs.”

Please click here to see a full fixture list of Gillingham Ladies fixtures.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please email


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