#MeetThePlayers – Charlotte Thurston

Meet the players is back again and this week we have one of Gills more recent recruits back for another spell at the club after a few years in America. Charlotte Thurston is this weeks player under the quick fire question scope.

cthurston What nicknames have any of the Ladies on the team given you?

Just the boring ones; Chars, Charles, Charlie

Do you have any game day rituals or superstitions?
Nope, but I am pretty quiet before games..

Who trains the hardest?
I’d say Tuney, shows up week in week out and puts a shift in!

Who is the worst dressed?
Ellie Manning, you seen those trainers she just posted on Instagram!!

Worst dancer at a night out?
I wouldn’t know just yet, but based on the dancing performances I witnessed in the changing room I’d say the Long sisters!

Which player dishes out the banter amongst the squad? And who’s the easiest to wind up?
I’d say its pretty even between us all, we all seem to dish it out to whoever is around! And, I haven’t witnessed anyone nibbling just yet, I’ll let you know though!!

Do you have a favourite match or moment in a match you’ve played in?
Probably whilst I was in Kansas, I’m pretty limited on goals in my career, so I’d have to say my one and only goal out there! Haha!

Which outfield player would best deputise in goal?
To be fair, I’d love to see Ashlee or Loz in goal.. would be hilarious, but I’m not so sure they’d be up for it (or the best!)



Which football club do you support?

Do you have an interest or participate in any other sports?
I love watching athletics! Haven’t participated in anything since I left school, so we’re talking pshht 8years ago now, used to play Netball!

Who is your sporting idol?
Bit cliché, but Stevie Gerrard.

Do you style your game on any footballer?
I wouldn’t say I do, but the player I do watch the most is Steven Gerrard, he works tirelessly, and he loves a tackle; as do I!!

If you studied any degree subject at University what would it be?
I just graduated with a Bachelors of Health Science.

Favourite TV Show?
Undateables, I’ve seen a few of the girls on there in recent episodes!!

Favourite Film?
Remember the Titans

If there was a movie based on you who would you want to play the lead role?
Sandra Bullock; she is absolutely hilarious!

Who is your favourite music Artist/Band?
Ed Sheeran

What’s your favourite Food?
Roast Dinner! Mmm…Roast Potatoes!

Pick your ultimate five a side team?
Of all time, I’m gonna have to go with Bobby Moore, Andrea Pirlo, Sergio Ramos, Steven Gerrard, Lionel Messi.

Who will win the Premier League this season?
Unfortunately, Chelsea..


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