#MeetThePlayers – Sophie Brown

We continue our player profiles this week with midfielder Sophie Brown. The 18 year old has progressed into the first team this season and put in some good performances, especially defensively at Lewes away a few weeks ago, helping Gills earn a clean sheet to ensure a 1-0 victory at the Dripping Pan.

We asked Soph a few questions to get to know the ins and outs of the dressing room and also what Soph enjoys to do off the pitch.


What nicknames have any of the Ladies on the team given you?

You get to pick the music on the cd player in the dressing room what do you choose? Or does someone else hog it?
I don’t mind what we have on.

Who trains the hardest?

Who is the worst dressed?
Emily Lyons when she wears her baggy grey trackies;)

Which player dishes out the banter amongst the squad? And who’s the easiest to wind up?
Manning is easiest to wind up, she dishes out the banter too haha!

Do you have a favourite match or moment in a match you’ve played in?
Ryman Cup Final last season

Which outfield player would best deputise in goal?
Emma Michelmore


Which football club do you support?

Do you have an interest or participate in any other sports?
Horse Riding, i own 6 horses

If you studied any degree subject at University what would it be?
I want to study a sports degree but not decided specifically what.

Favourite TV Show?

Favourite Film?
Bend it like Beckham

Who is your favourite music Artist/Band?
Ed Sheeran is up there in my favourites

Whats your favourite Food?
Spagetti Bolognese

Pick your ultimate five a side team?

Joe Hart, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Messi, Ronaldo

Who will win the Premier League this season?



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