Advent Calandar: Day Three

Name: Rachel AhernJHP_8562

Date of Birth: 27/10/1989

Preferred Playing Position: Centre Back

Former Clubs: Charlton and Crockenhill

Playing Honours (Including previous clubs):

Twitter: @rachela19

Do you have any game day rituals or superstitions?

I wear the same underwear each game and if I can park in the same space on home games

You get to pick the music on the cd player in the dressing room what do you choose? Or does someone else hog it?

I don’t get to choose… my music choices aren’t really appreciated.

Who trains the hardest?

Difficult to say, everyone trains as hard as they can.

Who is the worst dressed?

I couldn’t possibly say, however I feel Tuney’s slippers deserve a mention in anyone’s worst dressed category!

Worst dancer at a night out?

Pots’ moves are horrendous, the big toe gets in the way!

Which player dishes out the banter amongst the squad? And who’s the easiest to wind up?

Everyone dishes out their fair share of banter, but Ellie Manning is probably the easiest to wind up.

Do you have a favourite match or moment in a match you’ve played in?

Last game of 12/13 season against Spurs fighting relegation and we won 1-0. The team pulled together and worked hard, was just a great team effort.

Which outfield player would best deputise in goal?

Im not sure, think I’ve heard a rumour somewhere that Emma Michelmore is a good goalie.

Which football club do you support?


Do you have an interest or participate in any other sports?

I enjoy watching most sports, but no I don’t participate in any other sports anymore.

Who is your sporting idol?

I’d have to say Zola, great player!

If you studied any degree subject at University what would it be?

I have a Physical Education and Sport degree

Favourite TV Show?

I have a few… Coronation Street, X Factor and Catfish

Favourite Film?

The Day after Tomorrow or anything funny or scary no sci-fi

If there was a movie based on you who would you want to play the lead role?

Keira Knightly if she lost her posh accent, or if she wasn’t available I’d step in.

Who is your favourite music Artist/Band?

Queen, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, S Club 7 to name a few

Whats your favourite Food?

Garlic Bread, can eat that with anything

Pick your ultimate five a side team?

Cech, Carragher, Carlos, Messi, Zola

Who will win the Premier League this season?



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