Gills Reserves Beaten 1-0 by Basildon

Amy Nickalls

Gillingham Ladies reserve team fell to their fourth league defeat this Sunday against C & K Basildon reserves, where they lost by a single goal.

The Gills played well, setting up some excellent chances with Keria Daulby working hard down the wing and breaking through Basildon’s defence.

An early run for Daulby saw her cross the ball into the box but no one was there to receive the ball.

The main drama of a quiet first half came from a powerful shot from goalkeeper Imogen Alabaster that hit a Basildon striker in the ear.

The Gills defence were solid throughout the game, with Laurel Collins playing particularly well. She wasn’t letting much get past her.

Georgia Pilbeam was quick and worked hard upfront to create chances but things were just not working in the Gills favour.

A shot from Pilbeam from outside the box was cleared by Basildon’s goalkeeper and fell back into the path of Daubly, who reacted quickly but sent the shot just wide of the goal.

The attacking play was good with Pilbeam and Daubly linking up nicely with Maddison North and Kayleigh Galvin.

The four were almost too keen to set each other up, often passing the ball out rather than taking shots at goal.

Much of the same followed in the second half with both sides making chances that weren’t paying off.

A total of three goals were scored in the second half. The first two, one for each team, were ruled offside with both teams celebrating breaking the deadlock before realising the referees decision.

But then in the 80th minute, Basildon finally broke through to score and consequently win the game.

Alabaster, who had been her usual active and vocal self, went to meet the attacking Basildon player away from her goal line. Hollie Musmeci arrived at the line just in time to see the goal.

An unfortunate result for the reserves who, up until the goal, had been almost faultless in defence.

Their next game is away to Crystal Palace LFC reserves on 30th November.

Imogen Alabaster, Siobhan Read, Laurel Collins, Hollie Musmeci, Georgia Reece,  Annie Morrison, Madison North, Kayleigh Galvin, Ashleigh Loosemore,  Kiera Daulby, Georgia Pilbeam


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