Whinnett pleased with return to Gills


After Sunday’s game we caught up with Gillingham’s latest recruit Nikita Whinnett, who rejoined the club two weeks ago. Nikita was a key figure on the Gills wing last season, but amongst the many changes within the club this summer decided to leave during the close season. However after some time away, as Nikita explains, was quick to rejoined when the opportunity arose;

“After last season with all the girls leaving, I found it a bit tough to stay on my own. I went away and made the biggest mistake of my life, I did. I missed the team, missed the club, missed the fans. Everything about the team is the reason I came back. Other clubs I’ve been at have been very clicky, Gills isn’t like that, it’s not like that at all”

Coming back to the club, there’s a big difference to when Nikita left three months ago. The club have a new manager, a new squad and a new home ground. We asked Nikita what it had been like in the first few weeks back;

“Everyone made me feel welcome, they took me up to the ground and that, it was pretty amazing, I felt special, I felt appreciated, you know what I mean.”


The faces in the squad have radically changed since the last time Nikita pulled on a Gills shirt, we asked Nikita how the new group of girls were gelling together and settling in;

“Fine, there’s a few younger girls who are listening to the older ones, it’s good I enjoy it”

It’s two games back and unfortunately it’s been two defeats, it’s not quite the start one would want on a return;

“Nope. It’s been tough losing, with Gills last season we did so well, losing the heart of the team we have to take it on the chin and move on, it going happen, now we have 12 new players who haven’t played together before. I think we will do alright.”

And what of the chance to turn out at Priestfield Stadium and play in front of the good crowds we’ve been attracting?

“I can’t wait, I tell you I really can’t. I got butterflies the other week when I walked on it, buzzing!”


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