Tune defiant after defeat

Gillingham Ladies midfielder was proud of her team-mates after a tough trip to Plymouth Argyle saw the team return to Kent empty handed.

After play was suspended for an hour following a horrific injury to Jade Keogh, Tune admitted it was difficult for the team to re-focus.

“It’s never nice to witness any kind of injury during a match” Tune said, “Especially when it’s your team-mate and the nature of the injury. There’s no polite way of putting it, it was horrific and we were all deeply upset to see Jade in such pain.”

Saying that, Tune was quick to praise and highlight her team-mates’ bravery and sense of humour despite the injury. “Jade was a soldier. After the initial shock of it all, she was laughing and cracking jokes with us – she wasn’t pleased with the first ambulance that turned up – she wanted something a bit better!”

“But seriously, how she managed to stay so composed is amazing. The whole team rallied around her, including our coaching staff and physio Chloe. Everyone reacted really quickly as given the nature of the injury, we could all see it was very serious.”

Despite the shock and unnerving of the team, Tune felt she and her team-mates produced a good second half considering the turn the game took. “We were very slow out of the blocks and building up to Jade’s injury we were just beginning to gain the upper hand and play in the way we’re more accustomed and would like to play.”

“The girls were incredibly upset and shaken to see what happened to Jade but Simon and the staff pulled us together. Something like that puts things into perspective so we wanted to go out and try to enjoy the rest of the game and put a performance Jade would be proud of.”

“We had a lot of young players who had to make a step up and not only play at this senior level but in really difficult circumstances. I think we played the better football but we need to be better at putting the ball in the back of the net when we’re playing well.”

“Everyone knows we’re going through a period of transition but we’re getting there. Despite the result today, the way things have been conducted off the pitch, the treatment and travel is really pushing us forwards. We’ll get there in the end and are becoming stronger as a group.”

Gillingham Ladies now look ahead to playing Brighton and Hove Albion on Thursday evening, a tough game but one Tune looks forward too.

“We’ve already played Brighton this season. They’re a very good team and one of the favourites for the title. We know we’ll have to work hard and produce another hard-working display like today if we’re going to do well. We look forward to playing at Priestfield again and we hope we’ll continue our good form at home.”

The final note was for Jade however: “All of us are thinking and sending our best wishes to Jade. Given how strong she’s been today no doubt she’ll be back playing in a Gills shirt in no time and the sooner the better for us.”


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