Sophie Brown: “For us all it was a first step into senior football. It most definitely has been a huge learning curve.”


The Reserves season finishes last week away at Tottenham, we caught up with midfielder Sophie Brown to talk about the Reserves season and how she felt it went from a players perspective.

“This season was a good one for everyone, for us all it was a first step into senior football. It most definitely has been a huge learning curve for everyone. We started the season as a squad of players who had never played together before; the first few games were tough for us until we found our feet together. We continued to grow as a team and put our best into each game despite not always getting the results we probably deserved.”

Brown admitted that even changes in playing and management personnel the squad still knitted together as the seasons games progressed;

“Even with a couple of changes throughout the team, we still worked hard together. There were games where we got the results we had worked hard for, both in training and on the pitch”

Talking of squad development, now with a season together under their belt, we asked Sophie if it is a good step to take into the next season?

“I think we have developed as a whole in all areas. As proven by us putting up a battle for the last game of the season against Spurs. At 3-0 down our heads hadn’t yet dropped, our fitness paid off and we were able to convert 2 goals within the last 10 minutes of the game. Spurs really didn’t expect it, and our girls worked hard right until the final whistle. This leaves us on a high note for next season, despite the loss. A huge step for us to look at next season, we know what we will face and we will be ready for it.”

Just ten days since the season ended, we asked Sophie if she was looking forward to the next one?

“I can’t wait for the new season; hopefully we can start as we finished and as we mean to go on. I think that we can prove to the other clubs how much we have progressed as a team, working through preseason, it will be a surprise for them.”


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