Gills Manager embarrassed by Keynsham Performance

Gillingham Ladies manager James Marrs could not defend a poor performance from his side as they forfeited a 2-0 win to slip to a 4-2 loss against Keynsham.
After a brilliant winning run, the Gills were brutally dispatched by their league rivals. Marrs assessment of the game said it all.
“It was an embarrassing performance. We were bullied from 10th minute to the 90th. For the first 10 minutes we were first class but for the rest we were not even there. Keynsham wanted it more than us and we were quite happy to give it to them.”
A particularly painful loss as the Gills established a firm grip of the game in the opening 45 minutes, the Gills prolific winning run came to an abrupt end. But the management’s philosophy of taking one game at a time continues and the Gills will be looking to get their league campaign back on a winning foot this Sunday as they travel to Chesham for another difficult league game.
“Every game is the same for us. Preparations alter slighter due to travelling distance etc but definitely nothing will be different. I’m hoping that the girls actually realise that they do not get handed three points on a plate. Unfortunately the majority of the team were a little too grounded on Sunday as we had completely nothing about us as a team. Sadly we didn’t even get out of first gear. Hopefully they will let Chesham know that we there for a game.”
Gillingham Ladies travel to Chesham for the next league game. Stay up to date with all the latest match updates by following the Gills on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.



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