Captain’s Blog: Danielle Carlton spills the beans on an eventful start to 2014!

"Not only have I got a great group of girls around me. I have the best manager and coach who are behind us the whole way!"

“Not only have I got a great group of girls around me. I have the best manager and coach who are behind us the whole way!”

Firstly happy new year to everyone at the club and to everyone who supports us. I hope you had a great Crimbo too! 🙂

Before we had our break, the club was delighted and honoured to be given the opportunity to visit the children’s ward at Medway Maritime Hospital.

We delivered presents to the children and met some amazing people. It touched all of our hearts. We just wanted to try and give them some sort of Christmas because for some that’s where they were going to be. For me personally, hospitals are not great anyway and it was hard to see what we did but making then smile was the best feeling. (I hope they all had a great day and loved their gifts) – we will definitely be going back soon!

Having a break was needed, the first part of our season was unbelievable, the stats we have are incredible. To be a part of this club is possibly the best feeling. Not only have I got a great group of girls around me. I have the best manager and coach who are behind us the whole way! So much credit and respect to both of you.

It was nice so to get back into training – a lot earlier than most clubs – but we always notice the difference and that’s what counts! We put the work rate in and we get results and that has shown massively above other teams. One thing we do have is motivation to want to work and graft, not just for ourselves but as a team!

We have now had four sessions since the Christmas break and it feels so good to be back on that pitch, in the gym or where ever we train! The banter is flying as usual and everyone is happy – which to me is a great feeling! We now have the next part of the season to go forward and carry on as we finished! Let’s do this girls :)))

Okay so this weekend we was away to Keynsham, first game back after new year. Well… it was a weekend to remember. With all this bad weather we were waiting for the call on Saturday to say the game was off but it was all good to go so we were happy! Away trips are always good, the whole experience you can’t really beat it with us.

So an hour to the journey and we had a pit stop for petrol wait.. .petrol right? Vin diesel AKA the gaffer! Thought he would put petrol in a diesel mini bus! #nowords

So we leave the services, two minutes down the road and we were on the side of the M25. We didn’t know whether to laugh or not. But it would only happen to us! Crouch, I think you have taken over from me as the most blonde! Thanks hahahahaha!

It was a very long evening. Van got fixed 4 hours later and we were back on the road! We made me just in time for MOTD and bed! #perfecttiming!


So we wake up to get prepared for game, we all went down for breakfast, half way through we get that call to say the game is cancelled! I really don’t think it was our weekend! We were all gutted. So we just drove home and we will go again when we have to go back up there.

I’d like to use this time to say a massive thank you to Fliss Gibbons… aka Max aka Tom Daley! Four months seems like yesterday. She has had a massive impact for us on and off the pitch! Her effort and work rate can’t be faulted and she was rewarded with what she deserved! Her banter will never leave us!

You will be missed massively by us all and your always have a place here. I wish you all the best Fliss as we all do! Your going on to great things so don’t stop until you get what you want. We all love you! Have a great season and I’m sure we will be watching you when we can and I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of you either!

So we go again from Tuesday in preparation for our next game. It’s been a while since we have had a game of football so we are all buzzing to be back! We are away to QPR in the FA cup, last year we were knocked out by Notts Forest, so we are hoping to get off to a good start and keep that run going!

We are here to put all our effort in; it’s the same with every other cup we play in including the league. We here to win and that’s exactly how our attitude is and will stay! We carry on with the same mentality and work rate, I can’t wait to see the results we deserve.

Next home game is against Charlton, this game always gets us hyped up. Last time we played we won 3-1, so I hope we play as well as we did and make it happen again!


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