Christmas Skipper’s Blog

Where to start? We have had lots of ups and one down in the past couple of weeks, leaving us only more determined to raise our game and work harder.

Starting with Westham. Going into the game against West Ham we were biting at the bit after our recent result with them, we felt we had a point to prove. After a 1-1 draw in the last game we were left very disappointed with our performance and knew we had to raise our standards and get a result.

Having never beaten West Ham before, they are one of our boogie teams but this only motivated us to get the win. The game was very physical but one we dominated from start to finish. Some great finishes, top work rate and team work got us a decent 3-0 win and one we were very happy with. Three points!

Jay has lead Gills to a record breaking start to the season.

Jay has lead Gills to a record breaking start to the season.

On to Brighton….having played Brighton only two weeks previously, and coming away with a good 3-0 in the league cup, we knew again. We had to raise our standards and our intensity needed to be high as they would now be more prepared to play against us, making it that much harder for us to try and pick up the points.

Again we dominated from start to finish the massive difference between us being our intensity in attacking and defending. Brighton did have their chances to go in front but Faye Baker was on top form pulling off one of the best saves of the season so far and one that will be hard to top. Faye also blocked two point blank shots from a yard out getting to the first and getting up again for the second. This really showed how good a keeper she is, at times she has felt she hasn’t contributed to our wins as she hasn’t had much to do and always gives the credit to her defence but her hard work finally paid off and now she can take some credit.

The work rate of the girls from start to finish was top notch and some great finishes again. Watching Brighton’s highlights and their manager’s post match interview, he gave us some really good comments which is always nice to hear. Another three points 🙂

Jay Blackie celebrating

Lewes away….. A performance that has really hit home. Our first loss of the season. I feel we missed our normal work rate and desire and we let Lewes physical side dominate the game. Conceding a goal in the third minute was obviously not a good start and set the tone for the first half with one of our worst half displays of the season.
The second half was better but still conceding two more sloppy goals cost us. We have really analysed our performance as a team and with the management and it is one we are now putting behind us but using the emotions we felt after the game as a positive to drive us forward.

Our unbeaten run; yes it has ended but what a record up until now and we are only half way through the season. There is still a long way to go. We have our own targets for this season and many more games to play and we will be working hard to achieve these and the results we want. Including another game against Lewes in two weeks time at home at Chatham Town.

15 games, 12 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss, 54 goals scored, 7 conceded over all competitions so far…! A record I am proud of and I know the club is.

Amy Taylor and Faye Baker, epitomising the team spirit Jay praises

Amy Taylor and Faye Baker, epitomising the team spirit Jay praises

Our media side promoting our games is really paying off, we had one of our biggest attendances to our home game against Brighton which was fantastic. We work so hard and love that people were interested to come and watch us play.

The radio interviews and the TV interviews with the BBC have also been fantastic and some what a little bit surreal. Our result against Brighton was announced on the radio alongside Man United!!! Wow!!! I love the fact we are getting out there, people know who we are, people are interested in what we are doing, and recognition is going to the hard work of James and Jack and the girls with our performances.

The quality of coaching from James and Jack is so high that it deserves the recognition. The hard work of others around the club that goes unnoticed is also very much appreciated by us all and is pushing the club where we want to go, so thank you to everyone for the time and work they put in.

It’s nearly Christmas :))))) Buzzing! We have a lot of good times and banter to look forward to. Our Christmas party and Secret Santa’s next Friday 20th it will always be a good time and a night for us to let our hair down and forget the football (kind of anyway, it’s always on the brain).

After not having a presentation last season for many reasons, we will also be giving out the awards voted for last season, such as Manager’s Player, Player’s Player etc. This will be a nice touch for Christmas as they will be awarded in front of a lot of people and players can be happy with achievements they have made.

The new year is the business side of the season, results start getting closer and the table starts to form, championship battles take place, relegation battles to happen, cup competitions in full flow. With the FA cup 2nd round in the second week back against QPR, two more rounds to go with the Kent Cup final in sight and reaching the quarter finals of the League Cup being drawn away to Coventry; we have a lot to look forward to and a lot still to work hard and play for.

Are we up for the challenge??? Of course we are!! Bring it on!!! One game at a time!!

Gills have been able to welcome several young Pro Kicker Academy mascots to games during the season

Gills have been able to welcome several young Pro Kicker Academy mascots to games during the season

I would again like to say a few thank yous to individuals for their hard work up until now.

Thank you to James for his dedication and heart that goes in to every session and every game. One of the hardest and most talented coaches I have ever worked with and we are very lucky at Gills to have him. We really appreciate everything you have done and are doing.

Thank you to Jack and Pro Kickers Academy for coming in this season and doing a great job with the girls in training and matches. You and James make a great team.

Thank you to Bill, our Director of Football, for all his hard work behind the scenes, working alongside the management, Martin, the media guys and sponsors to push such a great club forward to where it deserves to be.

Thank you to our Chairman Martin for putting up with all the stresses we bring, and allowing us to have everything we have had so far this season.

And also a big thank you to all the volunteers at the club; the media team, coaches and management, physios and dedicated parents. This is all taking us forward and making us part of a club to be proud of.

And my last thank you to all the girls, for the hard work, dedication, patience through the easy and the hard times so far (with a lot more to come) and for being the best team and girls I have played with. I couldn’t be more proud of all of you.

Long may all this continue in to the New year!

Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you all a happy new year!!

Gilllsssssssssssssssss!! #doingbits 😉


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