Skipper’s Blog: Dan Carlton rallies fans to attend Gills Ladies fundraiser

"We are all one big group and it's all starting to come together. "

“We are all one big group and it’s all starting to come together. “

First of all, I’d like to just say how happy everyone is at the club. I’m very pleased with how well we are doing, and I’m pretty certain it is going to continue!

The club is a great club to be at.. From the players, management, Martin our chairman to our media. We are all one big group and it’s all starting to come together. It’s what we deserve!

Okay so this weekend we went away to Brighton in the League Cup. We were very lucky to play where we did. The pitch was unreal… #pingcity (anyone with Tekkers would understand that 🙂 )

I was gutted that I couldn’t play, but watching was just as good even though I don’t appreciate this weather too much, the football was incredible, the goals were WORLDIES! Tuney where did that from? Legs been on the weights girl! The ball must of hit the back of the net at 100 miles per hour!

The whole atmosphere was great and it was a very good result for us too! With quite a few injured, James our manager brought up a few young guns and they stepped up to the mark and did a really good job with what they got asked to do! They should be proud of themselves because Brighton are no stroll. So well done girls 🙂

Training as been really good this week, well watching has been good anyway haha, but the girls are grafting and even having to do laps because we were too good, I don’t really know when that happens but it did. Having the BBC down this week in training, will hopefully give out good vibes to people that don’t really know about us or women’s football in general. Because we do need all the support as we are a self funded club. E.g. We have to pay subs each month to cover cost of facilities, kit, pitch. So every little helps! So hopefully this is another step for us to prove why we are the best women’s team in kent to get more people on board!

This Friday we are having a fund raising event with us Gills Ladies and Julian dicks ( ex West Ham player ). This is to make people aware of who we are, and what we are trying to do as a club! Also you get to ask your questions to Julian and get to know him to. All the money we raise will help us a lot! So if your free come along and get involved!


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