“It’s a massive thumbs up from us” Both Manager and Assistant Manager relish Gills Ladies 7-2 win

Gills Ladies manager and assistant manager James Marrs and Jack Wheeler collectively applauded their side after a superb 7-2 victory against Tottenham Hotspur.

“It was a great performance from the girls.” Jack told us, “We are really pleased with what we’ve seen today. Bits and pieces from the training ground have reaped their rewards.”

“There are some finer details we need to iron out on during training but it was a great result and a great performance so it’s ticks all round from us. “

“It was nice to sit back and watch today” added James, “ It’s good to have the League Cup breaks but obviously we were a bit sceptical too because of our form in the league being so good.”

“There were hardly any instructions today. We’ve worked on a few things in training as a result from last week’s match. Apart from that we just asked the girls to go out there and express themselves and 4-0 at half time, Jack and I were looking at each other and it was a bit awkward because we didn’t have anything to say. But we just looked to iron out a few cracks as preparation for next week.”

A thoroughly entertaining match for both coaches to enjoy and peppered with some tough tackles and questionable challenges. A miserable afternoon was made worse for Tottenham Hotspur as they were reduced to nine players. James reflected, “There were some questionable tackles throughout the game to be honest. They were two second yellows, so two red cards. I thought there were some other challenges too that were bookings.”

“There’s a lot of talk in football at the moment about how hard you can hit your tackles but I thought the referee got some of the decisions right today. You can call it harsh considering the score line but if you make those tackles whether you’re 5-0 down or not, in the 10th or the 70th minute, it’s exactly the same outcome. So for me the referee had a decent game.”

It was not only the referee who had a decent 90 minutes as the Gillingham Ladies squad of players produced another impressive display, playing yet another league rival off the park. Sunday’s win makes it three in a row at home for the Gills so far this season with an outstanding 15 goals scored by the Gills.

“It’s becoming a fortress” said Jack “and whilst it’s important to make this place a fortress we’ve got to look at making every ground we visit a place we will get a win.”

“We’re assessing each game at a time but I can’t complain as we’re unbeaten and doing really, really well. And the football going on out on our pitch is top draw, so for us it’s a massive thumbs up from us.”

James added, “The good thing about coming here is that sides aren’t used to the size of the pitch. We’ve adapted to that now, we’ve had it for a good year last season. It’s important that you know what to do when you’re out there and when you need to condense a game.”

“To be honest our home ground should be a fortress, teams shouldn’t come here and have an easy ride and pick up easy points which we were a little bit guilty of last season. We seem to have learnt from that now and the girls know how to play here.”

“It’s one game at a time. That’s how we need to approach it and that’s how the girls are approaching it. “

And if the Gills Ladies approach, championed by James and Jack, continues in such style, it is hard to see a team breaking the Gills golden run of form any time soon.


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